Todo sobre el ciclismo urbano



por Aboudi Asali, Dubai

There really is not much to say about cycling in Dubai. However, this proyect of CiclismoUrbano.Org sounds really interesting and a lot of fun. Therefore, the least is to participate with a brief note, even if it is really brief.

There is not much cycling going on in the 45 degrees heat and 100% humidity of Dubai. We all long to get in to our air conditioned cars. It is actually understandable. However, more than the heat it is actually the high degree of humidity that prevents more people from taking the bicycle to work or for a sunday afternoon pleasure ride. The high degree of humidity makes you sweaty in no time even without doing any excersice.

There are actaully some who dare cycling in the winter period when humidity is a bit lower. However, Dubai is mainly a car city and biking can be compared to Russian roulette. Drivers do not show too much respect for other cars, much less for a cyclist.